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Мне вчера исполнилось 34. Каждый раз я думаю если мне уже 34! то вам всем кто старше меня вообше пиздец!
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Новый метод игры.

С помощью "вспомогательных" мер теперь могу играть ПС2 игры на ПиСюке. Фреймрэйт отличный. Эмулятор работает под Винды 7. Теперь надо купить старый контроллер и УСБ адаптер к нему.

Играем Финальную Фантазию 10 и 12.
The Tick

Weekend Happenings

I feel like a ran a marathon, don't know why.

Hooray For Firemen!

It's easy to spot hometown heroes. We went grocery shopping. When we were returning a fire engine stood in the parking lot right by our car. I took my little one over to take a look at it. She likes fire tracks a lot, mostly of the red colors and shiny demeanor. A fireman was sitting in the car reading a book. When he a saw the little girl's eyes wide with wonder, he jumped down and showed her around. Even activated an automatic stair thing, which left yours truly to widen his eyes (i like shiny metal things a well, especially those that move). He didn't have to do it, and was clearly enjoying some free time. Just going out of his way to entertain a four-year-old for five minutes, deserves HUGE PROPS!


The Furniture Story.

This one is for the books. Three months ago we ordered furniture from a Russian store. They've promised about a month wait time, which was fine. A month has passed, they call us and tell us the set is on the backburner, and it come around in couple of week. We are waiting. In couple of weeks, which is already about 2 months, they call and tell us that the set has arrived, BUT they owned somebody the table, and it left before they even though about sending it to us, they've decided to remedy the situation by bringing us a temporary set. We've sold our old kitchen nook couple of weeks after the order, and put the patio furniture in the house.

So, they bring in the temp stuff. We are using it for two weeks, they are calling us telling the truck is on the way, and the set should be here soon. The truck delivers the wrong table! They apologize and overnight it again. I get a call on Friday, they say delivery scheduled for 11-2pm on Saturday, i was sleepy at that point and said ok. After i woke up i realized it's not a good time, called them a said: "NO WAY!" They say: "OK, 8 to 9 on Saturday", and i say: "FINE!" In about 15 minutes they are calling back, saying that they can't do it that early, because of the scheduling, and asking if they can do it in 30 minutes, and there's only one driver, so I gotta help him carry the table in. We have about 1 hour before we have to leave, but thankfully he makes it.


I saw Dark Night on Saturday. Very nice movie. Very entertaining, very dark, as any DC comic should be. Heath Ladger was awesome as the joker, but Dent's Two Face character could have been better developed. A bit on the long side too, i though it could have made it without fifteen minutes or so.